Our Story

Doug Quigley | Founder & CEO of DQ Sales, LLC & No Bitchin’, Just Fishin’

Welcome to the NBJF Team!

Doug was born and raised in Pensacola, FL, living in paradise as us locals say and home to the world’s whitest beaches and some of the best inshore & offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pensacola has a very beautiful inland bay and intercostal waterway system and is the closest port to the 100 fathom curve offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and has a wide variety of fish both inshore and offshore.

I was first introduced to offshore Marlin fishing back in 1977 and as they say, the hook was set forever.  I have assembled a team of local people that are very talented at what they do. All of us live, work, play and fish in the panhandle of Florida where we were born and raised. My slogan was born from many years of offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico with my fishing crew.

” No Bitchin’, Just Fishin’ ” is the slogan, an expression for all types of Anglers with the love of just pure fishing excitement. If there’s saltwater or freshwater fishing in your veins. You’ll know what it’s all about.

So remember if you’re fishing with us, remember the expression. Get hooked up with the No Bitchin’, Just Fishin’ Team and show off your sportswear gear. We are about supporting our local business and economy and conservation of our fisheries for our future generations of anglers to come.

Thank You For Your Business & Support